Bodega Vinessens Essens Chardonnay

Bodega Vinessens Essens Chardonnay

White Wine

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white 100% Chardonnay Spain


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We found this delight up a Spanish mountain (Chardonnay is everywhere).

A mountain-fresh Spanish white made from Chardonnay, a grape variety that's heritage has been linked to a Croatian variety introduced to France by the Romans, fermented in French oak, imported into the UK by a South African. The world may be getting smaller, but there is nothing small about Essens: big, clean, vibrant and thoroughly modern.

Bodega Vinessens was founded in 2007 by viticulturalist Andres Carrull and his winemaker wife Marta Ribera. Chardonnay is handpicked and cold macerated for 24 hours before pressing. It is then fermented in 500l French oak barrels and matured for 45 days in smaller barrels with regular lees stirring.